9:06am 6th June 2008 Cubey Hello - In case anyone was wondering why I wasn't at the American signing sessions it was because I was already booked up to draw on some massive cubes for the Hay Festival in Wales. I really wanted to come over to America, so sorry to anyone that wanted their Tea Bear signed.
Now - that collection of mini 3Bears is amazing!! If people have other cool customs involving the 3Bears or funny photos of any of their 3Bear Dunnys doing stuff send them to us, or post them somewhere. Maybe we'll put our favourite ones up here to show everyone. Also thanks to everyone who came to Manchester the other week!

2:25pm 3rd June 2008 NYC Revisited So Sorry we didn't get these up earlier but its been pretty mad since we returned. Here are some pics of the NYC signings, thanks again for coming down to see us, More pics over at Kidrobot Flickr .

NYC Revisited

8:55pm 2nd June 2008 Wuz One Minis!! Holy shit check out these mini 3 Bears by Kid Robot Forum member Wuz One, from Spain. Truly great. Wuz One Minis!!

9:11pm 1st June 2008 Saturday its a Saturdayyyayyaa Thanks to everyone who came to the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester this Saturday, we had a great time seeing you all and signing and doodling away, thanks Jody, Richard and the Clutter mag guys to.
Thanks to Jon at Thunder Chunky for the pic.
Saturday its a Saturdayyyayyaa

4:29pm 29th May 2008 RGG This Saturday!! Just a quick reminder that Mr Jon Burgerman, Ben the Trucker from ILD and 2 very jetlagged tados will all be at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Madchester this Saturday (31st) for an afternoon of daftness and signing stuff. Full details are on the RGG site here: http://www.richardgoodallgallery.com
We look forward to seeing anyone who might fancy it, so come down for a chinwag and a cuppa!
RGG This Saturday!!

6:31pm 28th May 2008 Mini Bucky! Just got an email from a friend of ours who spotted this little fella on the KR messageboard!! Top work from Mr WuzOne - minibucky looks amazin! you can check all the pics here: http://forums.kidrobot.com/viewtopic.php?t=108760
if anyone has any fun pics of their bear/s, send em in to us and we'll post em up here!
Mini Bucky!

6:26pm 28th May 2008 Thank you!! We'd just like to follow on from Mark's post and add our thanks to everyone that we met and everyone who helped out with the 3 Bears events - we all had an absolute blast!!! Hi5's and big hugs all round - if we can ever repay the hospitality, just give Mark a shout. You can all stay at his house!
Here's a quick pic from our last hours in Miami - on the beach at 5am. The guy in the left corner had a good time too.
Thank you!!

9:01pm 27th May 2008 Back in Black So we had a really nice time in NYC and MIami, it was pretty whirlwind and at times we ran timing close to the bone, but we had a great trip and just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone we meet and helped us along the way, in no specific order a BIG thank you to : Nichole at Kid Robot all the staff at the QT and South Beach Hotel, thanks to Kid Robot Miami and NYC for being so good, thanks to Brandy, Phi and to Tury, thanks to Michael and Uman and last but not least thanks to everyone who came down to see us and queued in the sun and rain to say hello to us and wait patiently whilst we drew all manner of oddness on your Dunny's. Thank You . Back in Black

7:38pm 27th May 2008 Dinner Time It fills my heart with such happiness that everyone had such a great time in America. Dinner Time

1:34pm 26th May 2008 One last treat from South Beach, Miami... One last treat from South Beach, Miami...

2:44am 25th May 2008 South Beach at night You see some strange shit. South Beach at night

2:17am 25th May 2008 Cuban Food Nichole took us to a nice lil Cuban cafe called Puerto Sagua for Plantines, Potato balls and amazing pork chops, not to mention the house special Cuban Sandwich Cuban Food

2:12am 25th May 2008 it Raining ALOT Surely this shouldn't happen !!! it never rained in Miami Vice? it Raining ALOT

2:10am 25th May 2008 Horsey Horsey Horsey Horsey

1:48am 25th May 2008 Baby Got Back oooOOUUUuuuuuchh! Baby Got Back

1:37am 25th May 2008 The Alligator Legend This guy is amazing when we work out how to post movies... you will see !! The Alligator Legend

1:27am 25th May 2008 More Alligatorrrrrsssszzz More Alligatorrrrrsssszzz

1:25am 25th May 2008 One for Burgerman One for Burgerman

1:17am 25th May 2008 The Everglades Headed over to the Glades this morning and had a blast meeting the alligators and bombing about on the the airboat. The Everglades

1:05am 25th May 2008 Miami Signing So we finally made it to Miami and ... its CRAZY down here it just insane.. Memorial day weekend means some of the craziest things you have ever, ever seen! stay posted for the madness but for now here are a few pics we took of the signing. Thanks to all the staff at the Miami store they were wonderful. Miami Signing

1:03am 25th May 2008 Thank You Brandy Thanks to Brandy for coming along to the signing.
Look out for Ilovedust x Brandy Pham soon!
Thank You Brandy

1:40am 24th May 2008 BADBOIS. BADBOIS.

1:36am 24th May 2008 miami well we got to Miami just, a few worried conversations whilst sat in the cab .. ' who is gonna call Nichole and tell her we gonna miss the flight ?? ' we opted for Katie... miami

5:28pm 23rd May 2008 Rain Yep, super glad I couldn't make it to NY... Rain

1:31pm 23rd May 2008 TADO ANTI-SALAD! Just incase jon gets too carried away posting up too many pics of his uber-salads and lentil-porn, here's a peek at what dinner here looked like last night! TADO ANTI-SALAD!

1:29pm 23rd May 2008 TADO ANTI-SALAD 2. TADO ANTI-SALAD 2.

1:24pm 23rd May 2008 signing time! In the evening it was time for the signing - we had a fantastic time and it was lovely to meet so many people! we're very sorry that things were a little hectic - we'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone that came out for the event, and to the KR staff for doing a brilliant job. Ourselves and mark had a lot of fun! Here's a picture of the cutest miami room-mates you'll ever find. signing time!

1:23pm 23rd May 2008 New stickers arrive! Thanks to the guys at sticky ricks!! the turned out lovely! New stickers arrive!

1:17pm 23rd May 2008 Hullo... well, here's our first post! we're very sorry for the lack of posting - sadly we are not blessed with magical things like iphones! haha!
yesterday we hooked up with our super-talented friend Michael Wong ( www.michaelwongphotography.com ) for some fun photo-taking! then we met up with mark and checked out the amazing murakami show...

9:07am 23rd May 2008 Balloon Meanwhile whilst everyone has fun in NY I drew on a balloon. Balloon

4:59am 23rd May 2008 What not to wear Kid Robot's very own Toy Baroness shows how NOT to wear the new Limited ilovedust silk scarves !! Oucchhh more pics very soon

What not to wear

4:56am 23rd May 2008

4:54am 23rd May 2008

4:45am 23rd May 2008 Dunny signing So today/tonight was our first signing in NYC, myself and Tado hauled it over to Brooklyn to check out the Murakami exhibit.
Few pics here, more to come tomorrow as we make our way to Miami for tomorrows signing. Pics coming tomorrow too.
Thanks to everyone who waited in line to see us, sorry it was a little rushed but there was alot of people to see. It was very nice to be so warmly received. Thank you
Dunny signing

3:08pm 22nd May 2008 too.. Bream .. To allow one's self to indulge in breaming (ADJ)

Thanks to Anya, Holly, Judd, Meg and John for an amazing night of smut scrabble, I believe I won.
too.. Bream ..

9:48am 22nd May 2008 Breakfast Breakfast this morning, at the hotel just by Hay-On-Wye, was a pretty exhilarating affair - first I had cereal and then I tried the scrabbled eggs on toast. I wont make that mistake again. The hipsters in the hotel seemed to be enjoying their meals though, they are a crazy, madcap bunch. Breakfast

8:22am 21st May 2008 Hay Festival Right then, I'm off to doodle at the Hay Festival very shortly. I wonder if it will be like Glastonbury but with books instead of music, scones instead of junk food and deck chairs instead of drugs. Anyone near Hay-On-Wye in the UK should pop by and say hello! Hay Festival

4:06am 21st May 2008 Bill One minute I am reading the book.. the next i see this in Dukes! the best buffalo wings in NYC ? maybe.. Bill

4:01am 21st May 2008 scarves we have a fe scarves left now and ill make sure we have some available in Miami to thanks to Brandy Pham for the collab. check her site for new stuff coming soon . scarves

3:59am 21st May 2008 RAINYC RAINYC

10:59pm 20th May 2008 Nice Dinner I had this wonderful 'Chicken Style' vegetarian burger for my dinner. Although you'd think otherwise, what with my surname and all, I rarely eat many burgers. But when I do I like to make them count, like this one. It was finger lickin' gooood. Nice Dinner

7:30pm 20th May 2008 Totes Hey everyone, we have a limited number of Tote bags left for the NYC signing, i think around 15 left from the ltd run of 100, if anyone wants to reserve one please email hello@ilovedust.com
I will do my best to make sure you get one, $30.00 to you madam

2:28pm 20th May 2008 Up Till Now You have to read this book its pretty fucking great! Shatner is as close to God as you can get ! Up Till Now

2:03pm 20th May 2008 Nice Lunch Today I've had a very nice lunch consisting of beans, vegetarian sausages, salad and couscous. No bears were harmed or even eaten in the making of this meal. Tomorrow I will head to the Hay Festival, which is why I cannot be with the others in America. Still, I will be updating you all on the nice teas and scones I hope to encounter there. Nice Lunch

1:40pm 20th May 2008 Empire State Empire State

1:37pm 20th May 2008 Ghost Bike Keep seeing these around NYC, ghost bikes, away of remembering unfortunate souls who lost their lives whilst on their bikes. Sad but a really nice touch at the same time Ghost Bike

1:29pm 20th May 2008 Touch down in NYC Left from London yesterday, making my way over to NYC for the Kidrobot signings in the new Kidrobot Store NYC then off to MIA for another signing, took a few cliche pictures Touch down in NYC

11:39am 20th May 2008 3 Bears Hi wethreebears.com goes kinda live! We should have more interesting stuff on shortly.

3 Bears

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